Welcome to the Rumble Museum’s Robot Trail.

The Iris Project works in state schools and their wider communities. We have founded the first ever museum within a state school, the Rumble Museum (www.rumblemuseum.org.uk).

The Rumble Museum is hosted at Cheney School in East Oxford, and its collections are spread through the school corridors as well as being embedded into the curriculum in a variety of engaging projects, workshops and lessons. 

We are holding a large community Festival of the Future on March 25th 2020 from 3 until 6pm at Cheney School to celebrate the Rumble Museum at Cheney and explore future technology, environmental impact, medicine and more. 

As part of this celebration, we are creating an exciting new piece of public art in the form of a model Robot Trail around the site. These robot models will each have their theme designed by Cheney students to represent different ideas about the future and and they will be permanent so that students, staff, and the wider community can explore them for years to come. They will be striking, colourful and educational works of art which will inspire the very diverse community of East Oxford and beyond. 

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